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Yoga as sport

A lot of people have heard about yoga. For some it is a spirit, for others it is a sport. In any case, the practise of yoga help to relax. Doing yoga will help your to improve your general well-being (psychologically and mentally). I am not a master Yogi, so I will not pretend that I can help you to reach on upper state of mind but I can explain you some basis on how to use Yoga as sport.

Which sport in Yoga

If you have ever seen someone doing yoga, you were probably amazed by their flexibility or their strength. Also did you notice how peaceful they look? It is true that practising yoga requires many aspect of sport. How can you do the snake pose without strong back muscles? How can you do the cow pose without flexible back muscle?

For your muscles, the main link is between strength and flexibility. Many people work only their strength and forget about the flexibility. Unfortunately, if you haven’t any flexibility, you will end up to have tight muscles and increase the risk of injury. It is sometimes difficult to find the time to do a sport that is not the favourite, but it is the advantage of yoga. Yoga is working the both aspect. So, someone who wants to work on his strength, doesn’t feel like he is loosing his time.

As you progress in yoga, you will reach some levels that you would never have expected before. Soon, you will see progress in all other sport.

One advantage of yoga is that you can practise everywhere. You can do it at home, in the park or in your garden. The most of space that you just need is a rectangle of the length of your body. Yoga doesn’t require a lot of equipment. In contrary to some other sport, you will need nothing. Actually, you only need confortable clothes. Of course, you can add some equipment, if you want.

You can practise at any age and any level. However, a medical screening is always better before to start any sport. It is even more important if you haven’t done any sport in your life. Always be careful when practising something new. You should always ask for professional support.

Yoga for meditation

I am myself using Yoga for my stretching session. Of course, I am always careful to not to go too far as I am hyper-flexible. I never practised yoga as a religion or a state of mind. But, I discovered myself that I was so much peaceful after my sessions. It is a matter of fact that yoga is bringing relaxation. It can be use for meditation.

Yoga is bringing peace. In fact, to be able to reach every poses, you should have a total focus of your mind. You cannot reach yoga poses without having the full control of your muscles. To avoid any injury, you should also be conscious of how you are making any mouvements. You should never only just go through the motion. Don’t forget that yoga is a sport. If you are doing every movement with focus, then you practise the mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the several disciplines of relaxation.

When to practise Yoga

It is no best time to practise and it is everybody’s choice to make. I prefer to do my yoga session in the evening as I find it relaxing. But if I want to use yoga as a strengthening sport, I will do it in the morning. It is when I have the most energy. That depends on how you see the yoga as sport. It is depending on what is the purpose of your session. And it is depending on how much time and availability you have in your day.

As I said earlier there is no age to practise yoga. If you look on internet, you can find many classes: baby Yoga, Yoga for children, Yoga for teenagers, Yoga for the eldest. Yoga is a friendly sport that can be practise in different way. If one day, you got the luck to meet a Yogi master, his body and muscular development will probably astonished you. You will probably dream to have his body. Then, you can start your journey to have an healthier body and mind.

My Yoga recommendation for sport

I would recommend anybody to try to do some yoga. It will be a good way for you to evaluate your strength, your flexibility and the power of your mind. Why not to start with a good one: move from the cow to the cat position. This exercise will help your back and everybody knows as we get older the back is important to keep in good health.

It is so much you can do with yoga. You can reach the healthier body as you can just make the first step in your healthy journey. It doesn’t matter where you are on the path. the most important is where you want to go and how you want to go. Yoga can be a good tool to add in your box. Whatever is your goal, I am convinced that yoga will help you.

If you need help or want to start somewhere, I am doing a class per week of stretching where I always include some yoga poses.

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