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Being an athlete or a casual exerciser, everybody needs to take care of their body. Every part of our body are important and none should be neglected. There are several ways to do it. You can do it by yourself: sport, nutrition, meditation, … Or you can benefit from the support of someone else: GP, therapist, specialist, consultant. Especially for your muscles, you can manage them with the help of a Sport Massage Therapist. Who are these therapists and how they can help your muscles to stay healthy.

Benefits of sport massage

Sport massage for prevention

Using the sport therapy can be done in different purpose but the main one should be in prevention of injury. It is always better to prevent than to have to repair. First, during the treatment the therapist will test your muscles, looking for any tightness. At the end, he/she will report them to you, allowing you to continue to work on them.

During the session, the therapist will work on every muscles of the chosen body part. He/she will explore every muscles spending time on the tight muscles, relaxing the one which are not suffering. At the end of the session, you will feel the effect for several days or even weeks. Any by-products (lactic acids, waste, etc) will be released from the muscles and cleaned via the blood and organs. Your muscles will find a new youth.

The fact than you took care about your muscles by having a preventive therapy will also avoid any future injuries. First, your muscles by being clear of by-products and tightness will be ready to perform better and less susceptible to get injured. Secondly, they will find back their elasticity. The third advantage is as with a physio, the sport massage therapist will give you feedback and advice on muscles you should either strengthen or stretch.

for rehabilitation

As I have mentioned previously, the sport massage can be used for rehabilitation. In fact, it is a gentle way to repair the injured muscles. Physiotherapists are sometime using it during their treatment. As for the prevention, the sport massage will help to release the toxins from the muscles and to reduce the tightness. It will not glu back the broken muscles‘ fibres but it will consolidate the repair and help to find back the elasticity.

When doing a rehabilitation, you are making the muscles work back again and you need the external support to protect them. It is not always easy to fix a muscle and all helps you can get are beneficial. The muscles will recover faster if you are able to go to visit a sport therapist.

for performance

One of the benefit of the sport massage is also the performance. Most of athletes use it. As I said for the prevention, the sport massage give a youth to the muscles. It is always good to take any natural helps when you are doing competition or big training. The sport massage therapist should not use any chemical or forbidden products during the treatment. But always be careful with the massage oil or creams and ask to not take risk.

My own experience

I am myself using sport massage. In prevention I am doing it every 4 weeks. I am a runner and few years behind I hurt my feet. After a long rehabilitation and a lot of stress, I decided to not let it happen again.

I also have a tight right shoulder. The most impacted muscle is my teres (major and minor). Unfortunately they are not easy to isolate to strength them or stretch them. As I am personal trainer, I am doing everything to help. But without the support of my sport therapist (here her website if you want to have a look) I will not be able to manage as well as I am doing now.

One of the benefit I didn’t listed before but I should have is the relaxation effect. To be honest it is still the word massage in the name, so it should be obvious of this benefit (even if sometimes it hurt a little bit when she is working on a sensitive area).

Ready for a sport massage?

I will finish this article as I started it. Being an athlete or a casual exerciser, a visit sometimes to the sport massage therapist will help you. Your muscle will be happy and your mind too.

Are you looking for your next therapy? Maybe after that we will be able to work harder on your regenerated muscles….

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