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Sport can help with Stress

Since many centuries, scientific studies have made the link on between the level of physical activities and the level of stress, anxiety or depression. It started already in the Ancient time with Plato who wrote that fitness should be practise not only for “the young body” but “all the life long”. I will explain here the link between fitness and mood, and how sport can help to manage to have the right level of stress.

More oxytocin, Less cortisol

The body is producing several hormones. All of them drive the way we are, physically and psychologically. Two of these hormones are specially linked with our level of stress. The Oxytocin is the one that makes us relax and is qualified of anti-stress hormone. The Cortisol has the opposite effect, it is a stress hormone. Both of them are important, and they shouldn’t be remove from our body.

Being stress is good at the right level

Everybody needs the right amount of stress. If the level is too low, it will make you stop acting or reacting. The stress is a good motivator. It makes you jump out when a car is coming on you. It will make you finish the task you were putting away since longtime. You will stop smoking or start exercising because of the stress of a medical condition. BUT having too much of stress is bad for you in both physical and psychological statement.

Help from different solutions

To fight your high level of stress (situational or long term illness) you can use different solutions. Some will use the chemical path, other will go to different therapy (meditation, colouring, music, …) others will practise sport. There is no better solution, it is depending on who you are and what you prefer, what is adapted to you and your life style. Some people prefer a medical support as it feels more confortable, others will prefer something more natural. Some people will need the support of a therapist, other the support of a community. None of each example are incompatible, you can choose to take medicine and do 15 minutes of meditation every day, then you will have 1h therapy per week and you will go to a sport session every 2 or 3 days.

Everybody is different but we all need help

There are not two people who are the same and what works for your neighbours or friends might not work for you. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying. There are so many different ways to help to reduce your stress but you will only know which way is better for you by trying it. Starting with more natural method might be less scarring. Do not wait to be at the point that your stress is not bearable to look at the best solution for you.

If you want to start to manage your stress with sport, I have developed a method based on our feelings which can help you to express what is inside you. My role as personal trainer is to help you to feel better.


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