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PT Session

Depending on what are your objectives, I will build a program tailored on your needs and abilities, but also taking account of your preferences. I can help you to work to improve your fitness level, rehabilitation, sculpting your body shape, prevent or work around mental health issue. We can work together at your home or in the park and I will provide the equipment we need to work together.

Improve fitness level: I will build a progressive program with evaluation periodic of your progress to help you to reach your goal (marathon, weight lift or even be able to carry your 3 years old child for 30 minutes around home)

Sculpting your body shape: I will help you to reduce you body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass with activity and nutrition advices.

Mental health prevention or therapy: I will build a full program based on your feeling to help you to be able to put a word on what you feel and also to learn how to manage your feelings via activity.

Pre and post-natal: coming soon…

Rehabilitation: coming soon…..

They did it !

Julie is a fantastic PT who is friendly and approachable yet definitely pushes you to the max. She is always happy to adapt exercises, tailoring them to our own needs, to ensure that we do not miss out on an effective work out. We would highly recommend Julie to anyone, whether you’re a beginner or experienced gym goer.

James and Amy

James and Amy

I am a 55 year old lady who despite a few medical issues thoroughly enjoys fitness. I have the onset of osteoporosis and to stop it progressing the doctor recommended I do some fitness especially with the weights to improve my bone strength. The structure of the class means that all ages with different levels of fitness and ability can work out together to achieve their individual goals. Fitness is something everyone can achieve and within the group or during a private PT session Julie will take each individual and make a plan to suit you. I have met some great people through our local community group, we have a good natter during the session but Julie is always keeping a watchful eye to ensure all the exercises are done correctly and safely. I run a stressful business and coming to class immediately improves my mood and energy levels even when I have to ‘make my self go’ when the sofa looks more inviting or I just can’t get away!! Thank you Julie for you continuous support and boundless energy.  🙂


What about you ?