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Rehabilitation after injury

It is not one person on Earth who has never suffer from an injury. It happens to everybody. Some injuries are more serious and deeper than other and need more time to settle. How to have a good rehabilitation after an injury? What are the processes to put in place to be safe, heal and avoid to suffer again.

Key person for rehabilitation

After any injury, the best way to act is to see the GP or Physio. They will first have a general point of view on the situation. The risk if you make a self-assessment is to underestimate the injury and aggravate it. The doctor or the physio will refer you to the right person, if you need more investigation (hospital Consultant, X-Ray, MRI, etc…). When all will be settled and the injury well identified, you will be on the path of rehabilitation. So you will start to be able to act on it. You will then be allowed to work with physio, osteopath, sport massage therapist and a GP referral PT.

Trauma after injury

Sometimes after a big injury it is not always easy to go back to have physical activities as you start to worry on the possibility to be injured again. That exact situation happened to me. More than a year ago I hurt one of the ligament on my sole, it took months to fix it and even longer to manage to be able to run again.

The first time I have seen the Consultant, he told me it will take 1 year before I can run again. By running, he meant jog 5km which for me was not a long distance. After 3 months working with the physio, he allowed me to start to do indoor bike. Of course, I was so desperate to do any form of sport, I did it a little bit of too much. Because of that, after 1 week of biking, I regressed to mostly the beginning and I was desperate.

We worked few more months on it and one day the physio told me that I could start to run. It was the best day of my life. BUT I started to freak out, what will happened if I hurt myself again, I did remember the pain and I did not want to feel it again.

It is normal to over stress when the pain linked with the injury was severe. The stress should not stop you to go ahead and start to have your life back.

Find back the motivation after injury

It is not always easy to be motivated to start to do sport (see article on motivation) and even less after an injury. The key to recover from an injury is to practise to reinforce the muscles. You need to build them to avoid to come back in the same situation. In my case, when I start to run back, I just enjoyed it. Smarter from my first experience with the excess of biking, I did it at the right pace.

I ended up to be able 1 year exactly after my injury to be able to run a half marathon. It was when the consultant told me in first place, I will only be able to jog 5km. I was lucky because in my rehabilitation journey, I got the support of the physio, the sport massage therapist and my knowledge as PT.

Which sport for rehabilitation after injury

After an injury or before an injury, it is exactly the same situation. In both cases, you want to prevent to have an injury or to be more injured. You need to find the right balance on between cardio and strength training and not forgot to do your daily stretching. The difference with someone who is not injured is the care you will put when working on the injured muscle and the power you can expect from that muscle.

It is not an easy journey but it possible and with the right support, you can recover at a maximum. Are you ready to start your journey on rehabilitation?

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  • Sagot
    Posted 20 December 2020 at 14h20

    Thank You. Very Usefull after a meniscus operation !

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