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Hello and welcome

My name is Julie, I am 35, French and living in England since nearly 8 years.

Why I became a personal trainer

Years ago, I was working like a lot of people in an office (and I am still doing it because I love my job) for a very stressful job with a lot of deadline and pressure. My way to cope with stress has always been practising sport (I am not a big fan of wine even if I enjoy a glass or 2 sometimes so I had to find something else 😉). The sport also helps me to manage my weight and have a healthy body. In plus of a stressful job, I have a husband, 2 children (a boy and a girl) and 4 gerbils.
Unfortunately, 3 years ago (6 months after my boy’s birth) we have been informed that my son was born with an heart disease. We had to rush through a lot of hospital appointments and tests to finish with an open heart surgery.

That have been the worst part of my life.

During all that time, I was only focussed on my son and I put on a lot of weight (my body’s way to react to stress).


One day, I did realised that this stress was destroying me and by not taking care of myself. I was not helping my son. So I moved myself and I decided to react. From that day, I have practiced a lot of CrossFit, Bootcamp, Circuit training, etc. Then I decided to use a personal trainer who advice me to start to train for running a half-marathon. I did not have run since my 14, so I thought she was crazy. She promised me that with all the training I had done, I could do it and I did. I did run this half-marathon to collect money for the hospital that my son was treated and I felt like I have helped the one who had helped my son, my family and me.
After this event, my PT adviced me to become PT myself as I had the knowledge and the passion. In plus of my job, I started to study and learn to become a PT.


I am fully qualified and continue to study as I want to improve myself more and more. I am still working as a scientist on weather forecast and climate change and I am doing the classes and PT in parallel as passion.
I would like to teach people what I have learned across the years: technique, passion, and general knowledge. But mostly, I would like to give you my best knowledge: how to manage stress and anxiety via sport as it is for me better than any medication.

They did it !

Julie is a fantastic PT who is friendly and approachable yet definitely pushes you to the max. She is always happy to adapt exercises, tailoring them to our own needs, to ensure that we do not miss out on an effective work out. We would highly recommend Julie to anyone, whether you’re a beginner or experienced gym goer.

James and Amy

James and Amy

I am attending Julie‘s classes as I am not a fan of gyms and enjoy being outside after a long day stuck inside at my desk. Especially the last few months, the classes have been a life saver mentally and physically and it is nice to be able to socialize ( safely ) during a workout. Julie is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable and able to walk that fine line of giving a tough workout whilst keeping training enjoyable & fun but also taking the time to meet each individuals needs. She is creative with the different workouts and there is a good mix of cardio, body weight and circuit workouts but also a focus of wellbeing in general. I always look forward to the workouts – keep it up 😊