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Gain weight when exercising, why?

Two months ago, I have started a fitness journey with a new client (I will call him Roger). The first thing I have done was to take some measurements and make some fitness tests. His goal was to develop his muscles and have a healthier body. It was not related to manage his body weight.

The “perfect” client.

Roger’s BMI was normal (under 25), his measurements too and he told me he had a healthy diet. He just never practise any sport in his whole life and he thought that now he was getting older he should care about his own body.

What could have gone wrong?

We have started a program together alternating cardio and strength training. He followed all the sport advices I gave him and he started to notice he was doing better. His running time were improving as his recovery. The weight he was able to lift increased and he felt better in his body. 4 weeks after the start of his program, I decided to reevaluate my client by checking his fitness level and measurements.

2 big surprises for him!

The fitness tests showed a big improvement of his VO2max (used to quantify your level of cardio fitness, I will explain it in an other article). We measured also a massive improvement of the strength of his leg (moving from 5 reps of 100kg on leg press to 8 reps at 140kg in 4 weeks!!!). In fact, It is true he had a big potential as he never had done any sport before but it was still a great achievement. But the second surprise was less flattering. He has gained body weight and it was not really muscles weight but his abdominal measurements increased.

Why did he increase his fat level?

Roger was really disappointed, he told me that even if he was not focus on his weight, he didn’t expected to grow fat by doing sport. Talking with him, I discover the reason behind.Doing sport do not make you fat!He was producing fat because each time he finished a sport session, he was hungry. At least it is what he thought. He was, in consequence, eating more and more. The calorie he was eating were more than the one spent via sport. He was using sport as an excuse to eat because he thought he had EARNED it.

Sport to loose weight

Sport has never made anybody loose weight. It is only a tool to help you to manage your weight in a better way. It will help you to control your calorie expenditure. It will help you to change your body composition. BUT it will not do everything. If you want to control your body weight you have to eat healthy and not ingest more calories that you will use (calories in – calories out = loose/gain/maintain weight, that will be explain in another article).

Healthy diet + Regular exercise = Healthy body

Here you have the perfect equation to keep your body healthy across your life. I am here to help you, like I did helped Roger. He is now on the good path on a healthy body because I gave him the fitness program adapted to him and the right nutrition advices.

Do you need me to find your perfect equation?

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