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Find motivation

Where the motivation is coming from ?

It is not always easy to keep the motivation on every day basis. Even when we are doing something we do enjoy to do, one day or another, our motivation is getting low.
Human is a creature of habit, if we want to be sure to keep up with something, it has to become a habit. It takes our brain around 3 weeks to create a habit. From this, you know you have to keep up your motivation for at least 3 weeks to be sure you will have a high chance to succeed on a project.

The phases of change

Everyone has some objectives they want to reach (stop smoking, take more time with family, eat healthy, do more exercise, …). Any new objective will put us in the different stage of change: Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, relapse. The pre-contemplation is a phase when you don’t even know you want to do it. The contemplation is when you start to realise you could change. The preparation is when you decide you will make the change. The action is when you start doing it and the maintenance is when you continue to do it (often it takes 6 month to move from action to maintenance). Relapse is when you give up on your objective, that can happen at any phases but you can come back from it.People without any motivation for a specific objective will probably not come back before something change in their life and give them the motivation. People with self build motivation will probably have a shorter relapse time (few hours to days), for others relapse can be for longer. When an objective has started to be built in your mind, it will stay there except if something change in your life or state of mind.

My own experience

For exemple, for me, sports had always been a part of my life but I had some period when I did stopped. When I started university it was difficult for me to adapt myself to the new environment and it took me months before I was enough settled to start. Also during my first pregnancy, I had some physical limits and I stopped practising from the second trimesters and with the new born baby, I did not restarted until my daughter was 2 years old. Some circonstances make you have a long relapse period but one day the motivation comes back. In parallel, I have time when I have less motivation to do it, so I find myself excuses. But every time, I push myself to go back on it.

Build the motivation

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, we are creature of habit. In consequence, to make the motivation coming back the best way is to push ourself to do it. One step at the time, you will build up again your motivation because each time you will succeed on your objective (1 day without smoking, 1 day with healthy diet, 1 week of alternance between rest and activity) you will fell better, you will feel empowered. That feeling is the one that will make you going. You have to find the motivation in yourself, push yourself. Don’t feel disheartened if you have a relapse period because you know they will happen. It is up to you to make them as short as possible and climb back on your bike quickly…

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