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Different ways of meditation

Christmas is just in our back and I have been lucky as Father Christmas has brought me a new smart watch. One of the new output I am getting from it, is that evaluates my level of stress. Even if I use sport most of the time to manage my stress, I also manage my stress level with meditation. Meditation is not only for religious practise, it can be done to manage our well-being. Different ways of meditating are possible and they are all complementary of each other.

Why should we meditate?

Meditation is a good way to get out of stress. When you are doing it, the past and the future are out of your way. Only the present counts and that is important. Most of reason of being stressed is the impact of the time in our life.

If you could remove all the deadline, all the time schedule, you will find a new yourself. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to do it in the modern world, and if you can, you are very lucky. So, for most of us the only thing we can do, is to find a way to escape of the impact of the time. Meditating is the key, in only few minutes you can be in the present and manage your stress to make it at a good level. Just few minutes time to time can add to your life several years. As we all know, stress has a huge impact on health and mostly on our heart. Now, we understand why we should meditate, how you should do it?

Different ways of meditation.

It is existing as many ways of meditating as the number of human being on Earth. Everybody can make is own way to meditate. You can find the most general idea on how to meditate in the different practices like yoga, tantrums, sophrology, mindfulness, etc… In every practise you will have chosen to do, you will realise that with time you will make it yours and it will be different from your neighbours. It is because there is not only one way to do it. I do myself, in function of the time I have, yoga, mindfulness and sophrology. Yoga will help me to reach a point of full relaxation as the sophrology. I use mainly mindfulness for a quick fix when my stress level is too high.


The mindfulness will help me to manage a peak of stress or a situation. To do a session of yoga or sophrology I will use 45 to 60 minutes. For mindfulness I will use only 5 to 10 minutes, even just 2 minutes are beneficial. I have 2 kids and be able to manage my stress in 2 minutes is really helpful. To practise mindfulness some people will do it sitting at a table or at a desk, some will seat on the floor, I am doing it lying down on a yoga mat. I am lucky because that doesn’t make me falling asleep. To do mindfulness, you need to focus on a spot, your breath, a virtual or real image, the sounds around you, the food you are eating, etc. Several Apps are existing and are really good to train you to do it

Different ways of Meditating

Yoga breathing

Sometimes, I am also doing a quick fix by using some yoga breathing therapy. To practise it, I am using my phalanges. I don’t want to loose my focus from my breathing and counting can be disturbing. I am using my thumb moving it from one phalange to the other. As you have 3 phalanges per finger and 4 fingers in plus of your thumb, that give you 12 breathings. I try to have really long and deep breathes cutting the inhaling to the exhaling. When I have reached the 12 breathing I can stop here or do another round until I reach the state of happiness and calm that I was looking for. The yoga’s breathing is actually a mix in between yoga and mindfulness.

I have gave you here, some theories, more are existing. It doesn’t matter which one you have chosen, the most important is that makes you comfortable and you are able to reach the state of fullness that you aimed.

Now you know why and how to do it, you need to know when and where.

When and Where do meditation?

As I told you earlier, everybody will find his/her own way to meditate. At the beginning, it is better if you can isolate yourself from any disturbance (visual, smell, sounds, etc). With time, you will be able to manage any disturbance and isolate your mind from it. Actually, when you will be able to do it, you will have reach a new level of meditation. I can do a short session of relaxation even with my 2 kids playing and shouting around me.

Then you need to find your position, as I told you, I am doing it lying down but for some people that will make them fall asleep. So you have to choose the most appropriate for you: sitting, lying, standing or even walking (yes, you can meditate as walking!!!).

After that, you will define when it is the best time for you to do it: early morning, mid-morning, lunch break, mid afternoon, evening, bedtime. Depending of the time of the day, I will choose one way or another to meditate, for example I will use the bedtime or evening to do a full session of yoga or sophrology.

Ready for meditation

You are now ready to ease your stress level, as you have all the basics for meditate. I will soon come back to you with some explanation on yoga. In the meantime, you could already start to relax by using some meditation principles and why not joining some of my classes…

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