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Classes illimited for you!

Started on 1 November 2020

You could do cardiovascular exercises (HIIT, Boxercise, Cardio circuit, …) or strength training (Circuit based exercise, Weights, Body blitz, Bands, Kettlebell, TRX, …). All sessions are including a warmup, cool down and flexibility. Sessions can vary from 30 to 60 minutes but all giving you maximum output. The sessions are for all levels from beginner to more advanced as I am always giving you some adaptation with possibility of regression or progression in function of your level.

Classes are done in Croft garden park at Spencers-Wood where you kids or grandkids can come with you and play as you are doing exercise (everybody enjoying a little time of well-being). 

All the Prices
  • Pay as you go: £7
  • 1 class per week: £20 per month
  • Illimited (one session by day in the week) : £40 per month
  • Couple : 2 classes or more per week: £30 each per month.